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RG-S6220-H Switch Series

Virtual Switching

The VSU2.0 technology can be used to virtualize multiple core switches into one logical device, ensuring network resource pooling.

A maximum of nine devices can be virtualized into one logical device, to improve network reliability, ensure load balancing between data links,

and implement unified management across the whole logical unit.

The VEPA technology is supported, which diverts traffic of virtual servers to physical switches, improving the security and

traffic controllability of the virtual servers.

Security policies can be migrated with VMs, ensuring automatic following of security policies during VM migration.

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Layer-2 networking, meeting VM migration service requirements

EVPN VXLAN, ensuring multi-tenant isolation

Anycast gateway, ensuring optimal forwarding path

Tolly Group, International Authority for Testing and Certification

Tolly Group, an international third-party authority for testing and certification,

proves the superb performance of RG-S6220 series data center 10G TOR switches.

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Brand : Ruijie
Type : Switches

Price : 5000 Baht