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RG-AP630(IODA) Outdoor Wireless Access Point Serie

Ruijie RG-AP630(IODA) is a 802.11ac outdoor wireless access points for high-speed wireless network applications in extreme outdoor environment.

The RG-AP630 (IODA) offer access rates up to 1.75 Gbps. The AP takes full care of security, RF control, mobile access, QoS, seamless roaming and other Wi-Fi aspects. Teaming up with Ruijie RG-WS Wireless Controller Series/Cloud AC, the APs offer Wi-Fi user data forwarding, advanced security and access control with ease.

The industrial-class AP enclosure (IP67 rated) can withstand extreme outdoor conditions and hence simplify device installation and maintenance. The RG-AP630(IODA) offers internal omnidirectional antenna and extensive collection of external antennas is also available to overcome various deployment challenges. The AP models support automatic switching between the external and internal antennas.

In addition, the RG-AP630(IODA) uniquely support a PoE OUT interface of 802.3at standard, facilitating streamlined integration with other monitoring devices for high-quality, real-time transmission of surveillance data. The PoE deployment makes the APs more adaptive to outdoor scenarios such as large campuses, enterprises, hospitals, commercial towers and settings alike. Multi-hop and point-to-multipoint wireless bridge features further enhance the deployment flexibility. The RG-AP630(IODA) Outdoor AP thereby offers unparalleled productivity in a wide variety of outdoor networking solutions.

Feature highlights of RG-AP630 Outdoor AP Series:

•  802.11ac Superior Wireless Performance

•  Built-in Omnidirectional Antenna (optional External Antenna) & Lightning Arrester

•  Outstanding Environmental Adaptability (IP67, -40-55°C)

•  Unique PoE OUT Design

Brand : Ruijie
Type : Wireless

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